Tongariro erupts as Gandalf overlooks Wellington

There’s a very ‘Middle Earth’ feeling over Wellington as the countdown to the world premiere of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘ gets closer to the auspicious day everyone has been waiting for, 14 December 2012.


Even the central plateau has been trembling with anticipation as the day draws near. Tongariro gave a spectacular display to trampers and school children walking over the sacred land, blowing a plume of ash at least 2km into the air.

Air New Zealand have released an ‘Unexpected Briefing‘ for travellers and the baggage carousel at Wellington AirportĀ has been given a very ‘Baggins’ makeover. The airport is watched over by a giant sculpture of Gollum.


Wellington always has flags lining the streets to celebrate the latest festival and currently the characters of ‘The Hobbit’ are looking down on everyone with prime positioning. A ‘Hobbit Artisan Market‘ is set to open on Saturday till Wednesday.


And the sun is set to shine on the Hobbit premiere red carpet proceedings with a mighty big Gandalf the Grey sat atop the Embassy Theatre since Sunday (when I took this photograph of the finishing touches being added). Bag End fronts a blockbuster


It’s definitely a very exciting time to be living in, or visiting, Wellington (or should I say ‘Middle of Middle Earth’ as the city has been temporarily renamed for the premiere!).