Things I’m Loving…

Sunshine & beach reflections in curious eyes

♥ LOVING the feel of summer, with reflections of sunshine, blue sky and time on the beach with my youngest daughter. This makes the sleep deprivation worth it!

After school sunshine in the rose gardens

♥ LOVING a visit to the rose gardens at Wellington’s Botanic Garden after school to smell the scent of summer, feed the ducks and have our fingers tickled by the fish in the Begonia House. Also love the super friendly staff at the Picnic Cafe there (coffee is great, wine is served if you prefer – I should be so lucky, food is wholesome, they do a great little menu for the little’uns, have plenty of high-chairs and the staff are very helpful too).

Princess Bay

♥ LOVING a walk around the headland on a morning that feels like my kind of summer. A sun that’s not too hot, a refreshing breeze, birds singing their mating calls and bees busy doing their thing. Also loving that the rain and wind have let up enough for a decent walk – I’m rediscovering some leg muscles I’d forgotten about over winter!

Exotic flowers

♥ LOVING beautiful and exotic flowers of every colour, texture, shape and size imaginable.


The sand dunes, the gardens, the walkways and the city are ablaze with scented colour.

Nursery rhymes on the ipad via youtube

♥ LOVE finding Alice and Charlotte tucked up on a camp-bed together, with Charlotte showing Alice baby lullabies on the iPad.

A new friend!

♥ LOVING special time at our local Zoo with Alice. She found a new ‘friend’. They were both very curious about one another and spent several minutes ‘communicating’ with only a panel of glass between their noses!

A wee tipple on a Friday

♥ LOVING this tipple Dan bought for me (featured in a review here) – the label sold him and the contents taste fabulous 🙂 An appropriate tipple for a stay-at-home Mum who spends a lot of time singing nursery rhymes (thanks Wellington City Libraries for entertaining Alice and I at ‘Baby Rock & Rhyme‘ this week)!


I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for… no matter how simple it is.