Things I’m Loving – Learning in all shapes & sizes

Very late to the ‘Things I’m Loving‘ party from last week. Last week just seemed to be so full of good moments, living and learning. But, in the back of my mind is the creeping feeling of the evenings starting to draw in, even though the weather is still amazing, and that we may be gone from New Zealand by the time spring comes round.

I’m trying very, very hard to focus on living in the moment and feeling excited about our future adventures in Santa Barbara, without getting caught up in nostalgia and feelings of sadness at not seeing the ‘kowhai’ bloom in spring. They’ll be other spring times, in the future, when New Zealand will call us back – of that I am certain.

Right now I am getting out and running as much as I can, living in the sunshine whilst it still graces our days, lighting candles to bring cheer on darker evenings and continuing to walk barefoot for the best part of the day.

Now, for some snapshots from last week…

Monday I was offered the chance for a run, but the yearning in his eyes (the man of the house) for a paddle board session was too strong. I was content, with a beer & my piano.

Piano playing

During the day we’d visited the museum, and sat on a ‘Dolomite’ – around 450 millions years old!

Learning at Te Papa Museum

Tuesdaystarted with face painting – as some days do…

Face painting

WednesdayStarted lazily, with a little limpet keeping me pinned down…

When I finally managed to escape her clutches and dress for the day (inspiring a ‘Wardrobe Wednesday’ blogpost), we made a visit to the garden centre for a play, a coffee (for Mama – of course!) and to pick up some bird seed for our hungry garden visitors.

At the garden centre having a play

We came home to plant some lettuce and play in the garden…

Fun in the garden, planting and feeding the birds

Thursday was a super day of swimming with a great natural learning family we are friends with. They came round to our house in the avo for a play too. It was one of those glorious sunny afternoons, with the sound of happy children filling our garden and neighbourhood. The evening was finished off with the man of the house taking his paddle board out on Lyall Bay, whilst I indulged (perhaps a little too much!) tasting ‘Hops on Pointe’, from the Garage Project, for the first time!

Thursday evening trying Hops on Pointe beer

Friday, with all my girls at home (oldest feeling too tired for school), was started with art (and coffee), and finished with a late avo at the swimming pool for flipper ball (oldest daughter’s school team) and fun play for the others.

Art round the table whilst Mama has coffee

Saturday was a talent show – organised by our eldest daughter and her friend… (I had to take Alice out for a nap and to prevent her from taking over the stage). The man of the house did a sterling job, being presenter and head judge – especially as he was the only fella in a room of over twelve girls! There were a few tears, lots of talent and plenty of laughter by all accounts.

Saturday talent show

Sunday was fair day in Kilbirnie (there’s one on almost every week in the various suburbs of Welly, combined with school fairs). The man of the house had his first friendly game of soccer for the season too.

Sunday at the Fair

We finished the day with a lovely family meal at ‘Heaven’s Pizza’ – where we had a giggle with the play dough!

Heaven's Pizza Sunday Family Meal

And, in between all the fun there was plenty of learning too, from both of my natural learners and our big school girl.

Reading, homework, learning