Wardrobe Wednesday

There’s a new ‘Wardrobe Wednesday’ host (at Kiwi Women’s Style) and I thought I’d link up this week (as I really needed some motivation to get out of my p-jays) and try to dress like a regular woman!

When I finally managed to detach myself from my youngest (very adorable it must be said) limpet, I sneaked upstairs to peruse my wardrobe (always makes a difference when one knows there’s going to be a photograph for the blog…!).

I chose this lovely top that my dear Mum sent me, from New Look, in the UK. I love the flattering lines around the bust and the empire line is such a gift to a Mummy tum (ha, ha, I can drink beer and hide the bloat… or consume a sneaky caramel slice with my latte!).

Wardrobe Wednesday

The shoes are a new treat – from ‘No 1 Shoe Warehouse‘ and I simply adore them! I’m making the most of the sunshine to bare my toes, before autumn truly sets in (and then I can enjoy my love of boots!).

The white jeans have been a very long time staple in my wardrobe (very fortunate to have remained a size 10 in all my years of parenting – but I reckon – as I reach forty – I’m going to have to work harder to keep it that way!). ┬áThe little cardi is from a fav shop on Cuba Street, in Wellington, ‘Cosmic Corner‘.

It felt great to take a moment to dress ‘nice’ for a change – not that anyone is really interested or in the slightest bit bothered – though my little girls did say, ‘Mummy looks pretty’ – which is probably the nicest compliment of all, from the most important people in the world to me (my husband was more impressed with me bending over to empty the dishwasher in my p-jays!).

It might seem a touch vain to post these pics up here – but I figure it’s only going to start going down hill soon – so I might as well capture these moments – That way, I’ve got something to look back on when I’m an old dear (hoping to age ever so gracefully of course – thinking of my Grandma – who was always beautiful in my eyes… but then, that’s what it’s all truly about – if we feel good in ourselves, the beauty really will shine from inside and our lives will be filled with sparkling smiles – erm, yes, I’ve had one beer to drink this evening…. best stop ‘talking’ now!!).

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