Wardrobe Wednesday (posted the night before – Pinot Gris will do that!) – Working on it…

What a giggle this ‘Wardrobe Wednesday‘ thing is. When I ask Miss 7, ‘Please can you take my pic?’, she says, ‘It’s that time of the week, isn’t it?’ and then giggles as she takes a dozen shots and tells me how to pose… oh dear (but it IS such a laugh – and there’s no harm in that as far as I’m concerned – as a Mama to three girls!). ┬áHere I am, doing as instructed…

Doing the 'pose' as instructed by Miss 7!

It might seem a bit vain to post up pics of myself like this, but I’m not one for ttaking myself too seriously – as the lovely ‘Rachel Hunter’ did in this week’s ‘Womens Weekly’ – did you see it? (She bared all – in a way I wish more celebrities and models would do.)


Anyone that reads this blog will know I’ve been on a bit of a health kick the past fortnight (yes, FORTNIGHT… but I’m intending on making it a life-changing thing… ‘erm, yer right’ says my inner devil voice… but I am overruling that with a firm, ‘WAIT AND SEE!’). Just check out the post I wrote earlier on, ‘Keeping on Running‘ – wow, if that’s all you ever knew of me you’d think I was some fitness freak… but no, I’ve swung all sides of the circle and never decided if I prefer anti-clockwise or clockwise (thank goodness I married a maths genius – I’d be totally lost without him!).

I ran yesterday and promise to run tomorrow… but today is another day (a ‘rest day’ I believe the correct term is… though I also read drinking more than two nights a week is a definite ‘No! No!’)… well, I’m really, really sorry (Universe!) but the Pinot Gris in the fridge was just calling to me (as was the piano) and just wanted to say, ‘Hello!’…

Hello - a moment on the piano of escapism

Anyway… getting side tracked…

WW and I am sporting three quarter length trousers from ‘Glassons‘ (rediscovered in the chasm of my wardrobe after a beautiful summer and just loving the way they sit on my hips and derriere)…

Rediscovered trousers

And the shoes from ‘Farmers‘ (another staple New Zealand place to shop).

The belt I love (can’t remember where from), but the biggest love has to be the bracelet – which my dear folks bought me on their last visit to New Zealand. It’s not leather – but…. (go on, have a guess?)…. it’s made from the inner tube of a bicycle tyre! Lovely bit of recycled goodness made into a beautiful piece of jewellery hey?! I wish I’d picked up a business card from the lovely lady who made it. It was bought at the very cool ‘Underground Market‘ at Frank Kitts in Wellington (open on a Saturday).

Wardrobe Wednesday

Oh, and how I wish my stomach was really that flat… I guess it was – for a moment – but now I’m slouched over my lap-top, on my bed, typing away, after one too many glasses of Pinot Gris thinking, ‘I really must go run, run, run tomorrow!’.

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