B.M.W.B | Putting face paint on & singing in the bath before coffee!

Browsing Facebook on a Saturday morning in bed doesn’t always make for a peaceful time – but it can create a lot of fun! After coming across an old school friend’s face painting inspiration on Facebook – and sharing it with my three year old – I found myself turfing out cupboards looking for our face paints to replicate the artistry on my own child’s face (you’ll notice, in the photograph below, that the absence of coffee seriously affected my counting abilities – poor spider is missing a couple of legs…!).

Spider face-paint

My Miss 3 didn’t notice though – and was delighted with the result, even putting on a little performance for the camera (Grandma & Granddad will enjoy this)…

And then some mornings start early (a little too early) with requests for a bath. I’d be in danger of falling asleep in the bath if it wasn’t for the great entertainment that little Miss 3 provides with her singing…

And then there’s ‘potion making’ and ‘painting’ mornings, baking and crafting, dancing and play dough… the list goes on and in ‘Becoming the Mama I Want to Be’ I do try my best to put my children first, before coffee, when I can… (though generally – by the age of five the children have worked out I am much more responsive if the coffee is made first!).


Becoming the Mama I want to be is about taking time to enjoy the journey of parenting,
to honour it’s value and to hopefully inspire and encourage each other.

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