Prose for Thought – A game of words


When from the past he came,
Inviting her to play a game,
She didn’t think of danger.

The letters on the board,
That looked innocent at first,
Started to bring about a thirst.

Like fortune cards on a table,
The letters told a story,
That wound her on a cable.


The spell started to settle.
A volcano awakened,
Feelings buried, now exploded.

He realised his mistake,
Running from the crater lake.
The letters came down like bombs.

A heart searing explosion,
Made his words take cover.
Leaving a deafening void,
of silence for his lover.

She smoulders in the ashes,
Missing his letters & words.
The fire reignited.

Her letters and words still come,
Though the game seems to be done.
She will wait with anticipation,
Of a rematch, one day…

© Sarah Lee, 15th April 2013

Prose for Thought