Finding Love

Some weeks are harder than others – that’s just life. Last week, with the man of the house away on business, my children weren’t quite themselves. There was no time for me to mope about, but rather I had to ‘step-up’ and be strong for them (not that I felt very strong) – particularly for my eldest, who started back at school on Monday after the long summer holiday (she was all enthusiasm – and had her cheer party with her… but the ‘after school winding down’ took some delicate stepping around on egg shell type action!).

Back to school

The week is done now and we rolled through the weekend with speed, welcoming the man of our house back yesterday.

And, after many discussions we’ve decided to give Santa Barbara a go and will relocate there in around September this year, leaving our New Zealand home of many years.  Hubbie’s job is ‘permanent’, not a contract. How long we stay living in California will depend on a multitude of factors and the feelings of all five members of our family. It’s going to be hard finding the right place to live for us all. The word compromise is going to have to become our family ‘word of 2013’.

In a week of emotional ups and downs, there have been some moments to keep the sane juices alive.

After a stressful school pick-up on Friday evening, I managed to escape the house with my Dad and young Alice for a run in the shallows at Island Bay beach.

Splashing with Alice in Island Bay

During the week Alice gave us a few special singing and dancing performances (getting in training early for Christmas… plenty of time to practice!):

As well as serving her speciality cold green tea, with milk and sugar:

Alice serving her speciality tea

There was a little ride on the cable car with Grandma & Granddad (and a spilt coffee at the bottom – an absolute tragedy (fellow Mama’s will totally understand), which was quickly sorted out by the kind Barista at Kaffee Eis, who made me a replacement at no charge.).

cable car

Freshly picked flowers from the garden for Grandma & Granddad…

Flowers from the garden

A gander into town to see  of the fancy dress costumes of the Rugby Sevens supporters (we had one of our own in fancy dress too!)…

Sophie getting in the 'Sevens' spirit

An unexpected walk down Mt Victoria with my Mum and a deserved drink at the bottom…

Mt Victoria

Wellington, you beauty!


Always some gems to treasure in between the ups and downs and family dramas (which my poor neighbour and very supportive friend is all too familiar with!).

There’s a bit of love in every dark cloud 🙂 x