Loving – a weekend in Wellington as autumn shows its face

It’s dark at 6pm, but still warm to play, and cheer on the man of the house in a game of footie.

Cheering Daddy on at football - Kilbirnie

And make sure he’s well looked after, when the match is done…

Alice checking up on her Daddy post footie match

The garden hints at autumn with the leaves on the silver birch starting to turn and fall.

Pausing on the stairs on a Sunday morning to see the season changing in the garden

The scarves and boots have found their way out from the hidden depths of the wardrobe. Feet have been covered in socks and heating turned on.

Scarf and boot weather is starting to show its face! Autumn is here!

The swimming pool becomes a favourite place to burn off energy in the early evening, now that it’s dark outside.

Saturday evening swim with the family

And young Alice finally plucks up the courage to jump in the pool, without holding on to anyone… (okay the noodle helped!).

Alice jumps!

The beach doesn’t hold the same appeal and we take to the parks with renewed interest. Following the trails at Karori Park, where our eldest will soon run in the ‘Western Zone’ cross-country race.

Following the cross country trail at Karori Park

She shows her sisters the trail…

Our three lovely daughters at Karori Park following the cross country trail

And over the stepping stones, that she tells us she isn’t allowed to use on the race – but has to cross through the stream…

Over the stepping stones

Dan and I take a moment together (as I hobble along on a bust ankle) and marvel at being blessed with three healthy, wonderful daughters, each so unique in their own special way.

Hubbie and I at Karori Park following Charlotte's cross country trail

And though I can’t go running right now, I can still hobble on the beach, enjoying some time with my thoughts, whilst hubbie holds the fort at home for a spell on a Saturday morning.

Lyall Bay on a Saturday morning, with autumn hanging in the air

Watching the planes descend on Wellington, from the blue above, through a blanket of cloud, that shields the glare – of an otherwise brilliant star.

Watching planes descend from the clouds to land in Wellington

And enjoying the time to enjoy the beauty that is here, missed in detail when I’m on a run – but savoured in fullness at a limping pace.

A flower on a Saturday


Linking up with Meghan (who has been away this weekend, attending New Zealand’s Bloggers Conference with a load of creative ladies)!

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