A challenge to finish…

A challenge was set, from my friend Cyndi, aka Latte Junkie, for ‘Lyrical Sunday‘ this week. She gave a beautiful, poignant start to a poem for us to continue with (and she is going to finish it too – so, it will be interesting to see the different angles people take on this).

Lyrical Sunday

The words of the poem given to me (in italics) connected me to images of war, loss, a broken body, but a spirit of hope in the ‘following the flow of the truth and light‘. The words ‘shattered shards‘ and ‘shrapnel‘ made me think of the tragic bombs that maimed so many, and caused the tragic loss of life too, at the Boston Marathon – on Patriots Day – this week.

So, with this is mind, I share my ending to Cyndi’s poignant and beautifully written beginning…

she walked through the shattered shards,
fingers trailing, dripping red into crystal rivers,
feeling her way, picking through the shrapnel,
following the flow of the truth and light
holding pieces close to her heart,
throwing more to the winds pulling her apart,

her body now a broken vessel, but her spirit forever strong
refusing to be beaten by an act so wrong
reminding the survivors to carry on,
let the pain be washed away,

by hands that can heal, dipped in those same crystal rivers,
from where her own fingers, dripping red,
had flowed with the current of life
coursing on into another world,

a world where her body, torn apart in a moment of time,
can now fly anew in the spirit winds
watching over her loved ones,
held forever in her heart.

© Sarah Lee, 19 April 2013



In the spirit of sharing, I’m also linking this poem with ‘Prose for Thought’, another place to find creative souls.

Prose for Thought

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