Country Child in Country City – Wellington

Wellington never feels like a city – unless you’re stuck in the depths of the CBD or visiting the cathedral. It’s a city sandwiched in hills on a harbour. There is greenery aplenty and a whole harbour to sail away on.

This week my youngest daughter, Miss 3 – Alice, made the most of this beautiful place we live in many wonderful outdoor ways.

I’ll let the photos mostly speak for themselves (as my writing mojo has taken a hike this week – I’m obviously drinking too much green tea and not enough Pinot Noir!).

We had fun on the waterfront and at Waitangi Park, in central Wellington, earlier in the week – meeting up with a wonderful friend and her son.

Waitangi Park, Wellington

We also did the sand mermaid ‘thing’ again – it’s currently very much in vogue for Miss 3 – she sees sand and (I know – before she even asks) wants to turn into a mermaid. Naturally, I get down on my knees – as any mother would – and start digging and sculpting (I repeated the process at another beach later in the week…).

Alice the sand mermaid, Oriental Beach, Wellington

There was plenty of monkey action too…

Taking a moment to decide on her next move!

And some ‘legs out and bend in’ action at Waitangi Park – can’t go a week without a swing…

Swinging at Waitangi Park

And, later in the week, whilst my daughters ran around another quality playground (under the supervision of a great friend), by yet another Wellington beach, I went for a run too. I managed two 5km runs this week – without doing myself too much injury. Always feels great to pump up some music and run by the south coast of Wellington.

Island Bay, Wellington

It’s been a strange week of very little sleep, lots of reading (hence not much writing), time with friends (always good) and drinking too much green tea – rest assured I’m on the Pinot Noir this evening (hence the blog post!). x

That’s all for now, from a very ‘Alive and Vibrant Wellington’!

Wellington – alive and vibrant from Stephen Patience Photography on Vimeo.


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