T.G.I.F. from ‘The Belly Family’!

I feel like, if I’d worn a pedometer, my mileage walking around the house this week would definitely equate to at least one marathon! With all three children at home – and none of them really showing any great desire to get out of the house – it’s been surprisingly ‘full-on’ for me.

They’ve all had an absolute blast. I’ve had a fairly good time too… but have to admit to sometimes being a bit envious at all the fun they’ve been having, whilst I’ve been picking up after them, serving up meals, hanging washing on the line, mopping up paint and clay mess, clearing up off-cuts of paper from various creations gone wild, popcorn spillages, drink spillages and nagging them to not to leave their wet togs and towels where they drop, but to actually hang them up to dry – after numerous escapades in the spa.

There’s also been the mad sprints from one end of the house to another, upstairs and downstairs, responding to a sudden scream over some minor problem, or to break up a potentially hair wrenching tussle. I’ve started on a job countless time, only to find myself distracted with a call to watch a show, act the part of the ‘wicked witch’, find a missing toy, get out the paints, find a pair of shoes, comb someone’s hair… and so it goes on.

So, it was only fitting, at the end of such a week, that Friday night was a blast.

The man of the house got home around 7pm to his three daughters and wife prancing around to ‘Dance Star Party’.

The dancing gave way to a massive sword fight (with me questioning why I let myself be talked into buying swords and shields – especially given my husband’s frisky, tipsy, Friday night mood, whilst holding a rubber sword!).

And then, before anyone could grab the camera, we found ourselves curled up, recovering from giggles and sword slaps, with Miss 9 drawing funny faces on all our bellies! Now that was worth grabbing the camera for a family portrait! So, this Friday, I give you ‘The Belly Family’!

Have a cracking weekend! It looks set to be a mad one at our house!

Belly family