LOVING #FMSPhotoADay Challenge | 1 – 6 June

Loving joining in with FMS ‘Photo A Day’ challenge this month. There’s a different theme for every day of the month and it’s fun to be a little more observant of the every day (and the not so every day!). Here’s the first six days of June…

1 June – B is for… had fun thinking of so many ‘B’ words on Saturday, what with hubbie playing footBall and enjoying a cool Beer in the evening – but, in the end, I had to go for Bulb – as Miss 3 was just so enthused about planting daffodil bulbs on the first day of winter.


2 June – a moment – okay, this was tricky, as there are always so many ‘moments’ in a day – but the one I wanted to capture most was the time before the man of the house departed on a business trip. I didn’t want to have the camera out at the very moment we said goodbye – but decided to capture the feeling in the house before he left.

As always, every member of the family was keeping ‘busy’ in those last two hours before we had to say farewell – but it was busy loaded with emotion and highly strung feelings. I turned to music and played the piano – with Miss 3 joining me to sing, dance or sit on my lap. Miss 7 and Miss 9 busied themselves on their computers. The man of the house was present, with each of us, in different ways, making the most of the last moments before he had to go.

a moment

3 June – on my table

The coffee table in our lounge has been with us since we first got married. It was polished and smooth then – fourteen years ago. Now it has multiple scratches, is rarely polished, has glitter embedded in it and is used for parties, plays, puppet shows and dancing on. It has been many things – particularly in the last ten years (that have seen our three wonderful daughters enter our lives). I love it and have not a care in the world what people think when they see it in the centre of our living area. Thankfully we don’t have pretentious visitors and mostly all of them have children – or know full well what children do to furniture! This coffee table is probably the most loved and most worn piece of furniture we own and it is simply perfect!

On the 3 June it was covered in a world of track and trains…

on my table

4 June – after dark

It’s approaching the winter solstice here in New Zealand and the darker days naturally bring about many more ‘after dark’ moments. On the 4 June a storm howled through Wellington and just cried out for chocolate cake – with candles (of course!). And yes, there was lots of bowl licking!

after dark

5 June – environment

I woke up thinking about what to photograph for this theme, knowing it was also ‘World Environment Day’. I was thinking of a photograph that would send a message, or sum up the environment in which I live.

In the end, the storm blew in something I just had to capture with a photograph. This old fashioned waka – similar to the type the early settlers of New Zealand arrived in hundreds of years ago from the Pacific Islands, navigating by the stars, – had to seek shelter from the storm and arrived in Island Bay.

The voyaging waka, Te Matau a Maui, had journeyed from Napier, to mark the start of Matariki, and will hoist up its sails to voyage around into Wellington harbour this Saturday morning, 8 June, to be greeted by Wellington’s own ceremonial waka, Te Rerenga Kōtare and Te Hononga.

environment - look what the storm blew in

6 June – transport

A day of blue sky and sunshine after the storm. I could have easily photographed the Interislander ferry leaving Wellington Harbour, or a plane coming into land at Wellington Airport in scenic Lyall Bay, or perhaps one of the many ‘trolley buses’ that navigate Wellington’s hilly streets, but, in the end, I took a photograph of my daughter, aged 7, who was in the process of acting out a play she had written.

She is home-schooled and often her learning happens naturally with her play. In this instance, she was using her ‘Monster High Dolls’ to act out a play, which I’d encouraged her to hand write (I have to encourage old-fashioned pen and paper in this techno age!).


So there’s a few snaps of love from my week. There’s also been red wine and candles, naps on the couch with Miss 3, runs in the park on a blustery day, a happy school girl and a chatty Miss 3, and Skype chats with the man of the house – who is far from the house – away in sunny California all week. We’ve had time to enjoy being a house of girls, with my eldest only having to attend three days at school this week (what with Queens Birthday weekend giving us Monday off school, followed by a teacher only day on Tuesday).

Lots to love and be grateful for.

Hope you’ve had a good week too xx


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