Loving Slices of Life from my photos a day for June 10 – 15


Last weekend, seeing my hubbie enjoy one-on-one time with each of his three daughters was the highlight of my weekend.


Personally, I was feeling tired, recovering from a cold, a little wobbly with PMT and not up to much at all. I was so grateful to him and happy that he has such a special bond with each of his children. I’m a very lucky woman!

Dan with Sophie & Alice on Wellington's south coast, near Owhiro Bay


This little mouse size door is to be found in one of my favourite Wellington cafes – Maranui Cafe at Lyall Bay. I’d popped in with Alice and Sophie for a little morning tea treat. The tide was quite high and sometimes it almost feels like the cafe is floating on the bay.

11. DOOR


It was a cold, blustery Tuesday. Sophie, Alice and I rugged up and didn’t have the slightest inclination to leave the comfort of our home. Later in the day we had to venture out, to collect Charlotte from her American Jazz dance class. The sun was setting as we ventured out the door. I wish I’d had the time to stop and photograph the pink glowing clouds and the beautiful sky sweeping over the hilly terrain of Wellington city. I took this snap, from the warmth of the car, as we pulled up to a red light on the main street of Newtown in Wellington. I’d never really noticed the ornate street lamps there before. The trolley-bus cables are a familiar site to Wellingtonians.


Also on the theme of ‘from a low angle’ I enjoyed capturing young Alice giggling as she fed our fish (and waited for them to ‘tickle’ her fingers!).

Alice feeding our fish

13. ART

Another crazy, wind swept wintery day, with huge waves rolling in high on the South Coast, leaving seaweed and sand debris across the road and up to the front doors of some of the coastal homes (a few photos of the damage along Lyall Bay on ‘The Bay‘). After picking up Charlotte from school we drove back towards the South Coast to watch the waves. It was far too blustery for young Alice and she quickly asked to go home. Still, I captured this snap-shot looking towards Lyall Bay. There were a lot of passionate Lyall Bay folk ‘twittering’ @lyallbaynz about the awesome power of nature and dramatic sight of the waves crashing in along the coast.

13. ART

It sure is wonderful to live somewhere that inspires with its wild, natural beauty & is home to a passionate community.

Lyall Bay, Wellington


It should have been dinner time – but I’d had Charlotte at home, off school with a cold, and all three girls had grazed for much of the day – why not graze a little more on some home-made biscuits?!

14. TIME

These were flavoured with the zest of freshly grated orange rind. Scrumptious.

Fresh baked biscuits


Another wild, windy day of very high tides and white horses crashing into the bays along Wellington’s south coast. By mid-afternoon, with Charlotte off school another day with a cold, we needed some time from the four walls of home. We made a quick pit-stop at Maranui Cafe in Lyall Bay for coffee and smoothies (the tide was so high that the beach was non-existent and the cafe looked to be riding on the white horses crashing around its foundations!), before heading into Kilbirnie to send some letters at the post-shop and while away a little time in our favourite ‘crystal shop‘.

I quickly made this yellow boat for Alice, as a distraction in a shop. She was getting restless at the check-out and I grabbed at the note paper by the till. She was mesmerized and held on to it lovingly all the way home. She couldn’t wait to ‘put it to sail’. Thankfully she wasn’t too disheartened at the effect of water on paper! I made an impromptu replacement boat from a plastic tray and a skewer stick, complete with a yellow paper sail. She wasn’t overly impressed – and had more fun scooping the water out of the bowl with the new boat and ‘washing’ the kitchen floor.


They’ll be a lot more crafting, games and baking this weekend if this wild weather continues!

Wellington South Coast

Wishing you a great weekend, what ever the weather!


Hope you’ve found something to love this week…

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life,
there is always something you can be thankful for… no matter how simple it is.