Sometimes time apart is a good thing

As much as I’ve missed the man of the house this week, it’s been a good week and shown me how capable I can be on my own with my three daughters. I’ve had it easy in a way though – only one child to get to school, for only three days this week – and I ended up offering a day off on Friday, as she seemed a bit ‘coldy’.

Plus I’ve been able to afford the help of a friend and nanny, so that the evenings weren’t so full-on, I could escape for a run, do the food shopping single-handed and run children to hobbies without extra children to entertain in the mean time.

The children have all gone to bed earlier than they have in months and actually helped with chores (though they have complained at me being a little ‘shouty’ – but the results were worth it in the end!).

Besides all this, I’ve had time to think about how good I have it with the man of the house. The old saying of ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ has some merit. When you live with someone day in, day out, and have a busy household to maintain (and children to come in between couple time), it isn’t always easy to keep the passion firing on all cylinders. It’s a bit like dating in your teens all over again – when the only place you have to make out in is a car – or a quick moment in a bedroom, with the TV on loud and an ear out for footsteps outside the door! Except that now the TV is on in the living room – in the hope of distracting the children – so that couple time can be sneaked in, behind the closed bedroom door, out of the way of prying eyes (still have the ear out for the footsteps – they are just smaller footsteps – not necessarily any quieter).

Anyway, I have a good ‘man’. He’s a great husband, a wonderful father and easy on the eye. He brings home the bacon, so to speak, and isn’t restrictive on how it’s spent (though winter boots tend to be a little weakness of mine – fortunately I have ways of making up for splurges #toomuchinformation). He never forgets birthdays and anniversaries. He knows when to tread carefully around me – (and often knows – before I do – when ‘the time of the month’ is approaching). He makes me laugh, works hard, but doesn’t take life too seriously. He’s sporty and active, hands on with the children and knows how to keep me sweet.

Not having him at home this week, but only on ‘Skype’ to talk to, has made me see him with fresh eyes. I’ve missed him (which – as I say to my daughters – is of course a good, healthy feeling to have!).

Hubbie on Skype from Santa Barbara

We met when we eighteen – some twenty-one years ago – and had a blast. The past ten years, being parents, we’ve been strong, but now need time together to refocus on ‘us’. We still have the magic. We were, and always will be, best-friends. Friendship is what keeps us strong – but we need the passion too – which is very much there, just not easy to demonstrate with children constantly vying for our attention!

So, having the time apart has me revved up in anticipation for his return – only – the greeting at the airport will be accompanied by our three dear daughters – which will mean no overly public display of affection for dear hubbie (I’d be lucky to get much in with the three girls jumping on his limbs!). We shan’t be able to rush home to bed for a quickie, but will have to ‘hold on to that thought’ – and hopefully have enough energy by the time the children go to sleep!!