The weekend before the man of the house returned

Well, us girls survived without tearing any limbs off one another. The house looks surprisingly together (can’t say the same for the garage – where I’ve shifted half the toys to, in an attempt to regain a sense of a home, rather than a creche!). Still, the children think the garage is a rocking play space (even though hubbie’s posh car will have to stay out on the drive!). We actually have a hallway again (previously you would have been greeted to a rocking horse, mini-trampoline, circus tent, easel and mini-school set up! Ha! Welcome!).

It was a weekend I felt well prepared for – after having done an 8.03 km run in 45 minutes on Friday and enjoyed the company of a friend stopping over-night to support me with my crazy girls (Frances, thank you – I shall go INSANE without you in Santa Barbara come September!!).

Wellington's south coast on Saturday evening

Saturday morning was spent out at the museum, the afternoon at home and the evening very chilled – after a quick drop off of Miss 9 to Wellington Zoo for a party sleep-over – with a Skype call to with my lovely folks in the UK and watching the All Blacks beat the French! YAH!


After the game there was a late Skype call with hubbie in Santa Barbara.┬áMiss 7 decided talking to Daddy from the comfort of a laundry basket was the way to go…! Poor fella, it was 2am in California. He’d spent the day working hard, as well as securing a rental property for us a few minutes walk from an amazing school and lovely beach. His whole week had been about working hard days and spending the evenings driving around to get a feel for the neighbourhoods, socialising with a few folk that knew the low-down on ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ in Santa Barbara (mostly it’s hot – with little rain), and checking out everything from sports clubs to eateries.

Anyway, he was excited to share his news (even though Miss 7 was only partially interested – because her mind was more occupied as to what ‘Monster High Dolls’ her Daddy could secure in the US – including asking me to send him a photo from a website of a few choice dolls – gah!!). Miss 3 was fast asleep in the land of nod at this point.

Skype to Daddy

When sleep time finally called for me I couldn’t sleep for thinking of a plethora of things to do with moving, renting out our New Zealand home and an assortment of thoughts on settling into our new home – which found me on Google searching for everything from Montecito dance and circus clubs to local swimming pools and doctors!

Thankfully, Sunday avo gave me a chance to catch up on some sleep, with young Alice taking a nap (after having picked up Miss 9 at the Zoo and spent a couple of hours running around there!).

Silent Sunday on the couch

After her nap, which she woke from at 4pm, it was getting close to dusk and I knew we needed to burn off some energy before the evening really set in. I took Miss 3 and Miss 7 to the local pool for a splash around, leaving Miss 9 to enjoy some one-on-one with her best friend and neighbour. It was just what they all needed – and me.

I’m now sat feeling very relaxed, glass of Pinot Noir in hand, hot chocolates served to the children and about ready to wind down with a few stories before sleep. In the morning we plan to be at the airport to pick up the man of the house – he lands at 8.30am! If we’re not there… he’ll just catch a cab (it’s only a ten minute ride!).

Hope you had a great weekend too and the week to come is very kind to you indeed.

Sarah x

P.S. The house we’re renting in Santa Barbara has a pool, a spa and room for guests – so mark it in your diary as a possible holiday destination – we plan on staying for at least a year – and more, so long as we’re all happy x