Loving having our creative space back!

There’s a room in our home that I’ve always loved, ever since we first bought the house – back in 2006. It’s the laundry room, off the back of the garage, and is a sun magnet in the afternoon. It’s a large room and a space I’ve always filled with paint, paper and craft materials (besides the laundry!). My daughters have grown up having this special space to be creative in. I haven’t worried about paint spills and marks on the walls. This is a space for them to not worry about mess, but to let their creativity explode!

When we got home from California, just over a fortnight ago, this space was littered with ‘stuff’ and has finally been cleared and restocked with some creative supplies.

Here’s a few photographs I’ve taken this week, reflecting the creativity that has started to flow freely again…

Alice's mask, Nether Star & paintings

I love this ‘Frozen’ art piece my four and eight year old worked on together…

Sophie & Alice work on a Frozen piece

Rockets and bubbles, anything goes…

Sophie's rocket and bubble painting

The other ‘art station’ I’m not in a hurry to part with (though to anyone visiting it looks like a worn coffee table that needs a sand down and a polish) is this table in our living room. It’s the perfect size and height for children. This table has seen copious drawings and artworks come to completion and taken a ton of glitter into it’s carved out markings over the years too! It’s been the home of puzzles and train sets, board games and tea parties.

Last night our youngest draw an ‘Ender Dragon’ and showed us her impression of a dragon, before asking us to send it to Dan of ‘The Diamond Minecart’!

Ender Dragon

Yes, it’s great to be home and have our creative space back. Love it!

Mini creations to the max!


Linking up with the ‘Mini Creations’ Wednesday Linky, explained by the ‘Kid GL Loves‘ as thus…

a very straightforward photo linky… so you can keep a record of the things your kids have done so you can remember them and not feel guilty when you throw them away!”

Mini Creations