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A sunset on a Saturday, at beautiful Princess Bay, on Wellington’s South Coast.

The gift of light, in all its entirety – from dawn to dusk and every filtered stream in-between.

Princess Bay sunset

The luminescent glow of light, reflected off the greenest canopy, in the New Zealand bush.

New Zealand bush

Light filtering through the canopy, to shine on a grove of serenity, in a sanctuary only minutes from New Zealand’s capital city – Wellington.

Taken at Zealandian, Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, Wellington

My shadow, lit up by the setting sun, in a moment when I needed to be alone (not that I really acknowledged that need – until I was there).

My shadow and I

I’m forever needing a gentle (or sometimes forceful!) push to get away from the house. Hubby is thankfully good at encouraging me out. As soon as I’m there, on the rugged south coast, my mind is free to be with the rhythm of  the tide and I realise how much I need to take these moments of alone time.

Sweet coastal air and light that heals (though sometimes the air isn’t so sweet; but torturously biting, whipping up sea spray and sand, tangling knots in my hair and taking my breath away, leaving my eyes barely able to open to see the light!).

But, in this one moment, with my shadow, the air was peaceful and calm and I was able to envisage the light – as it left Aotearoa to start its journey to the otherwise of the world.

I thought of family and friends in the northern hemisphere, waiting for the light of sunrise to greet their day.

Their days are shorter now, as winter approaches, but I wish them days of crisp, bright sunshine, to lift them up when the darker days weigh heavy.

Houghton Bay, Wellington

My heart soars in the light of the setting sun – just for a moment, like a ribbon caught in the breath of the sea-breeze, riding on a driftwood tree.

My feet forget the earth that grounds them, rooted as they are – on a mound of pebbles and Paua shells.

I let all my thoughts go – just for a moment – and took in the last of the light, letting it fill every part of me; until I was washed clean with an overwhelming feeling of peace.

Light fading over Island Bay


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