My Babies | The Photo Gallery

The theme on ‘The Photo Gallery‘ is ‘Babies’ and I couldn’t resist a trip down memory lane…

Each of them entered this world with a unique birth story (as we all do!), which I do think has contributed some what to their personalities. They were made with the love of my husband and I, both of us born in the UK, but all of them were born in Wellington, New Zealand. They are all proud to call themselves New Zealanders and were wonderful ambassadors for New Zealand whilst we were living in California, USA.

New Zealand really is their home and they are so fortunate to have a life of so much freedom, choice and options.

I snapped a photograph of them today, running together on the beach with their Daddy and our latest addition – our gorgeous ‘fur baby’ Cocoa the Cavoodle (middle name is ‘nut’)!

My babies in December 2014!So many amazing times we have shared and many more to look forward to. Right now, our eldest at 11 and a half, our second born at nearly 9, and our youngest coming up 5 in February, are all looking forward to the long summer holiday in New Zealand (only summer is a little ‘slow to load’ in Wellington right now!).


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