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Last weekend we spent in one of my favourite places, Martinborough in the Wairarapa. It’s a favourite because of its accessibility from Wellington. Only an hour or so to get there (give and take the traffic and driving conditions on the Rimutaka Hill). It’s a place where I feel light and free to unwind, with so much endless space to stretch out my arms. The big skies, unmarked by apartments and office tower blocks, are a beautiful canvas from dawn to dusk. On a clear night, with such little light pollution, the sky is a mesmerising space to gaze into, stretching back on a hammock, and waiting for a falling star to wish upon.

Big sky

Even in winter the countryside of the Wairarapa holds its charm. There are vineyards, empty of their autumn leaves, the harvest now being crafted into some delicious bouquets for the taste buds, that still hold promise. They signal, in their bare, winding twigged way, a time to rest, a time to wait and a time to be thankful for all that has been and all that is to come in the next season of fruit.

Winter vineyards

They reach upward to the short light of the winters day, with spirit and hope.

Winter vineyard

As my children, continue to grow by the day, their shadows lengthened in the low sitting sunlight.

Me, my shadow & my little girl

My daughter, Alice, and I, waving to our shadows on a swing bridge, under the low sitting winter sunshine.

In the shorter days of winter I sometimes struggle to see the depth of colours around me. The darkness dampens my spirit and clouds my eyes. But, in moments like this, in one of my favourite places, I look at the changing colours at day’s end, I see the blue tinged with pink, and the grey clouds lit yellow by the setting sun, and the veil of darkness is lifted. I am flooded with reassurance that the light will return, and the colours are still there, I just have to look harder.


And in Martinborough, the wide open spaces of rolling countryside and farmland, help me to feel that sense of hope – along with the wonderful cafes, friendly locals, vineyards and restaurants, log fires and cosy nooks to take a moment and read a book!!


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