Celebrating Father’s Day in New Zealand

Father’s Day, celebrated on the first Sunday of September in New Zealand (and Australia), was this year spent with a mix of action and creativity. Two of our three daughters were keen to get their Daddy out for some action and took him to the local recreation centre for an hour or two of roller-blading!


He did awesomely well and was, as always, a very good sport.

In the afternoon he had a quieter, more relaxing time, building a Star Wars Lego kit with his oldest daughter.


So a pretty good day for an amazing Dad (only he didn’t get breakfast in bed – not that he minded – but he did get a set of hot chilli sauces, which he very much approved of and remarked as ‘One of the best Father’s Day gifts ever!’. He also got a pair of Star Wars boxer shorts, which he modestly abstained from modelling).


The week before Father’s Day he’d enjoyed a fantastic morning at the junior school, having been invited to a ‘Father’s to School Morning’.


He spent the morning playing football and making a car out of scrap materials, after which he enjoyed a lovely morning tea and listened to two of his daughters sing in their respective choirs.

He could have also attended a Father’s Day breakfast, with his oldest daughter – who is in the middle school, but she decided 7am was far too early to be at school for that (and he was quite happy about that!).

So a very happy day celebrating the amazing man of our family, who is the most awesome, entertaining, supportive, helpful, attentive and fun Dad to his three daughters (and a very wonderful hubby too!).


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