Sponsored video post on New World, ‘Little Kitchen’, inspired experiments!

Walking down the New World supermarket aisles it is impossible to miss the ‘Little Kitchen’ inspired products, merchandise and ideas at every turn. Throw in the cute ‘Little Kitchen’ collectables at the counter and my children are hooked and wanting to know more.

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My youngest daughter, aged 5, proudly tells people, ‘I was born in the year of the iPad’ and she can’t imagine the world before ‘YouTube‘. Naturally, it didn’t take long for her to discover the fun experiments in the kitchen being wonderfully demonstrated by Bompass and Parr, for example, this awesome ‘Glowing Jelly Experiment’…

I haven’t had a chance to get together the ingredients to do the glowing jelly experiment yet, but we have already had fun making slime!


Full instructions are on the You Tube channel, simply using cornflour and cold water to create a fun gloopy mess (we chose to add a dash of green food colouring!).


The videos are really inspiring, but leave me feeling a little nervous and exhausted too… let’s just say that after making and playing with the gloop (and then cleaning up – 99% of the time ‘Mum’s domain’!) I didn’t want to spend another second in my kitchen to cook dinner (so sent hubby out to buy take-away and wine!). Thankfully, at the bottom of the videos there are easier, ‘try this at home’ experiments, listing simple ingredients and instructions.

Forgetting the mess for a moment (excuse me whilst I slowly count to ten and meditate, ‘OM’!) it is immense fun to experiment like this in the kitchen with children.

Parent + child in the kitchen = a recipe for fun (and a lesson in patience, maths, reading, comprehension, science and more!).

Whilst making the gloopy slime tonight, with my extremely enthusiastic five year old, I was joined by my 12 year old daughter and our neighbour’s daughter. Later on in the evening, when I’d cleaned up for dinner (said take-away, with wine for me), my 9 year old daughter discovered the bowl of gloop and… after dinner was eaten, there was yet more fun to be had, learning about the amazing substance that isn’t really a solid or a liquid… it’s just fun and amazing (and very scientific, if you know how to speak ‘science’!).

With each new collectable that I bring home (with every $40 I spend on my shopping I get a sealed package containing a mini grocery collectable and a Little Kitchen activity, Lab Note) there’s new inspiration for fun and learning in the kitchen. My children are enjoying how the collectables have their own special properties, such as ‘scratch and sniff’ pineapples, magnets to keep their artwork on the fridge door and (a personal fav) a colour changing elephant!

I’m forever surprised at what ingredients I’ll be sent back to the supermarket for next – for example, the other day they headed off to school reminding me to buy a red cabbage – so they could boil it up and make cabbage juice for a colour changing drink experiment (I am now heading to sleep with cabbage juice & bicarbonate of soda infused ice-cubes in my freezer!).

By the way this post has been presented by New World, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I only do sponsored posts once in a while, when the products really hit a groove with my family and I. This was one that ticked all the boxes! Happy experimenting!