Valentine’s love on a weekend

Loved Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year – what’s more it was a stunning, sunshine, summer’s day and the city of Wellington had something happening in every suburb and street.

On the waterfront the Chinese New Year Festival took centre stage and we enjoyed a lovely visit to Capital E on Saturday to join in with some crafty celebration fun.

There was also a ‘Chalk the Love Walk‘, on Valentine’s Day, which the fabulous Brigid Costello of @lovebombmovement Instagram fame did a fabulous ‘connective’ dance upon for her Love Bomb Movement NZ Fringe Festival piece (running until 5th of March).

We’ve been very inspired to get moving, thanks to Brigid, and have enjoyed a couple of fun little dances this past week…

On the beach, Alice and I rippled like seaweed…

On Valentine’s Day, our eldest and her Daddy performed a fun leap movement!

I joined in (nearly putting hubby’s back out!)…

Thankfully, he survived! Valentine’s Day is always a special one for us, as he proposed to me at the Marlborough Wine and Food Festival on 14 February 1997, 19 years ago!

Anyway, it was fun to get our groove on together for a moment.

If you’d like to join in and get your groove on then grab a bunch of mates, your family, or your pets and have a boogie! Follow the daily inspiration on Instagram to create your own interpretation of the Love Bomb move-of-the-day or simply replicate what you see and post it on Instagram with the tag #LoveBombMovement.

I hope you had a happy day and felt a little love too x


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