Crystal Castle dreaming…

Upon a hill in Mullumbimby, sitting serenely, overlooking the most incredible scenery, is a crystal castle. At its heart is a story of devotion, hard work, commitment and vision, that started in the 1980s. The land that it sits upon, once stripped bare, is now planted richly, with winding pathways that peacefully lead the visitor on a journey of meditation, discovery and sensory delights.


Water Pourer Pond

It is a place for the young, the old, crystal lovers and nature lovers, passers by who know not what to expect, those with open minds and those yet to be cracked open.


Our Sophie, spending a quiet 5 minutes meditating on the Damanhur Spiral (at least that was the idea… goodness knows what was actually going on in her 10 year old mind!).

This is a place that cannot fail to leave a positive impression on the visitor. Whilst on our holiday in Byron Bay, we stepped in to another world, along with our friends, and a piece of me still feels connected to that land.

Our friend's daughter, Inde, and our youngest daughter, Alice, stepping into another world.

Our friend’s daughter, Inde, and our youngest daughter, Alice, stepping into another world; ‘Journey to Shangri-la’ through the amethyst geodes.

The drive to the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens, from our holiday accommodation in Byron Bay, was beautifully scenic. We drove away from the coast and into the hinterland, where farm land mixed with bush gave tantalising glimpses of distant lands that swelled the explorer heart inside me.


Ganesh and Lakshmi

A visit to these gardens, with such an incredible number of amazing crystals, walkways and statues, can make a few hours feel like something so much more profound and leave an impression on the visitor that lasts so much longer.


Amethyst geodes

The children loved walking on the meditation paths and through the bamboo forest on the Buddha Walk.




The Blessing Buddha


Bamboo Avenue

We were all enchanted by the World Peace Stupa.

World Peace Stupa

World Peace Stupa

And found the ‘Reflexology Walk’ really incredible – we were all amused at how walking barefoot on the bumpy surface affected us all so uniquely (with more profound feelings in some, than others – and for some it was a little painful!).

A little yoga on the Reflexology Walk

A little yoga on the Reflexology Walk

Here’s a funny little snapshot of us walking on the pathway!

We’ve been back home from our holiday for a couple of weeks and it’s been horrid weather over much of New Zealand, so having the memory of visits to serene places like the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens is a wonderful gift to the mind indeed!


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