Standing on 10 Months

Phew! It’s been a busy month. I’m now fully mobile on my bum, shuffling along with one leg bent and the other stuck out, whilst using my hands to help propel me along (not very graceful, but I can be surprisingly fast when necessary!). I’m waving, kissing, clapping and pointing at everything (better than a performing seal!). I’m making lots of sounds, which apparently only I understand (how frustrating!), though Mum and Dad are learning some new words in Sophie speak – in particular ‘cat’, ‘dog’ and ‘good’.

And here’s me showing off my prowess at standing (I’ve even managed a few steps with a walker and done some ‘free standing’ – what a show off!) and of course, making a run for it up the stairs when Mummy calls, ‘Time to change your nappy, Sophie Jade!’.

On top of all this I’ve had a month of bad health, well a terrible cold (but at least the ‘knockout drugs’ have made me sleep well at night!). The weather has been extremely windy and quite wet (blur!), but I kind of find the wind exciting. I’m loving Playcentre and now that I can move I can finally get messy, really, really messy! I grabbed at the paintbrushes today and managed to get some on the paper. In the afternoon, we took a stroll to the local beach, where Charlotte and I love to play (when it’s not windy!).