This time last year…

I was HUGE! Little Sophie Jade (‘bubs’ at the time) was curled up in the warmth of my womb waiting to make her arrival. My due date, of 21 December, had been and gone and I felt about as comfortable as a stuffed turkey awaiting Christmas dinner.

I was willing bubs to hold off until after Christmas Day – at least give us a chance to open a few presents with Charlotte and enjoy some Christmas dinner, but the gentle ‘practice’ contractions felt ominous.

I lay next to Charlotte, stroking her brow as she drifted off to sleep. She lay curled up against my huge pregnant tummy, whispering to her baby brother or sister and wishing a ‘Happy Christmas’.

Christmas morning arrived and still no signs of active labour, so we set about enjoying the festivities. Thankfully, Sophie waited till 11pm on Christmas Day evening to kick start the action and arrived Boxing Day morning. Charlotte crept into our bedroom at about 3am, just as I was readying myself to go to hospital (I was nearly fully dilated and managed to breath through some big contractions whilst stroking Charlotte’s head and giving her a kiss). Once at hospital all I could think about was Charlotte and wonder how she would react upon waking up in Mummy and Daddy’s empty bed. Thankfully, my dear mother-in-law was there to comfort Charlotte (a few chocolates for breakfast were definitely okay on this special morning!).

Charlotte arrived at the hospital later that afternoon, to greet her little sister. I was so proud of her as she took in her little baby sister. My eyes filled with tears knowing this was such a momentous and bewildering occasion for her. I don’t think she could possibly digest that this little baby was real and coming home to become part of our family. I couldn’t wait to get home and give Charlotte the reassuring love and comfort she would need at this time of transition.

Thankfully I was home later that night and awoke to a very special breakfast the next morning (even though sitting down was a feat and required some short breaths, a rubber ring and a couple of tissues to wipe away a few stray tears!).

Nearly a year since that special time when Sophie Jade joined our family. It has been a wonderful year and Charlotte has grown to be such a brilliant sister. I am so proud of Charlotte and so thankful to be blessed with two beautiful girls. Happy Christmas to my two special girls, ‘Someone to care for, to be there for, I, have, you two!’. And thank you to my dear husband, Daniel, who is the best father in the world (apart from my own dear Daddy!). Thank you for being there for the girls and I, and for always giving all your heart, energy and spirit to ensure we are such a very, happy family.

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