10 week’s (ish!) to go…

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I wrote the post, ‘11 week’s ago today,’ and now here I am counting down the weeks till bubs arrival!

Sophie took this photo today (I’m 30 week’s pregnant tomorrow):

30 week's pregnant

With Christmas, the school holidays and my folks visit from the UK in mid-January we have so much to be excited about. I’ve had on the back of my mind for weeks now the thought of organizing all the baby gear. It’s stored in various cupboards around the house and I am feeling the nesting urge to organize it all and put everything in its rightful place. I’ve decided to get everything sorted over the next week, so that I can then relax and enjoy all the festivities. The girls have been full of, ‘Oh that’s so cute!’ as I’ve unearthed the tiniest newborn clothes. Sophie picked up a breast-pad and asked lots of questions, before slipping it down her top. She asked how the baby was going to get up on the change-table and I explained how the table is to save my back and baby won’t be able to climb for a while…

I’m feeling really good for 30 week’s, though my legs get tired and I’ve had some heartburn. The other week I had a vile reminder not to eat too much in one sitting, especially in the evening… I was sick and couldn’t sleep till gone midnight. Since then I’m eating and drinking much smaller amounts throughout the day and not having anything past 6pm. Thankfully, I am now sleeping fine and managing with only one extra pillow between my legs thus far… I recall having around seven carefully positioned around with the girls.

I’m not managing much walking, as I get some lower back and pelvic pain, but I’m fine moving about generally. I am doing loads of stretches and pregnancy yoga, which I find very relaxing and easing on the body. I don’t feel any bigger than I did with the girls and haven’t put on any more weight than I did with them – currently weighing an extra 10kg on the scales (which is mostly baby, placenta, blood and fluids), but I get all sorts of comments and opinions on a daily basis as to whether I’m looking ‘big’ or ‘small’ for my dates!

I had to laugh the other day when someone at school asked how long I had to go and after I’d replied said, ‘You’re looking REALLY pregnant!’

I laughed and said, ‘I should hope so!’

Only the day before someone asked the same question and then commented, ‘Oh, you don’t look that pregnant, you are carrying very small’.

I just smile and let it all wash over me. The best tip anyone gave me before becoming a parent was, ‘There will be many times when you receive comments or looks that you don’t want to hear or feel. At those times imagine you are wearing an invisible rain-coat and simply let those words wash over you.’

This is such an exciting time of pregnancy. Baby is moving so much and I’m getting some huge kicks at quite predictable times of the day. Thankfully, I don’t feel anything past midnight, so either I’m sleeping too deeply, or bubs is taking a good stretch of sleep too. Dan is feeling some kicks too and gets the girls to ‘talk to the tummy’ and ‘wash baby’ in the swimming pool, by splashing water over my tummy! We have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to.

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