Charli the Climber and Nature Lover

Charlotte says:

The weather is still beautiful and I am enjoy reaching new heights at climbing. I can’t wait to show Aunty Claire my favourite climbing spots, when she visits me later in the year. Here I am at Princess Bay (a 15 minute walk from my house) and hugging Blacky.

The last photograph is one I took of my ‘edible desert’ (the cheese is sand dunes on the desert – which is made up of peanut butter – and the toast strip is a tree in an oasis). I made this for breakfast the other morning (but didn’t actually eat much of it!).

I love to create and do my own thing when it suits me – oh so independent!

At Kindergarten I am beginning to join in more with ‘mat time’ and had a beaming smile on my face on Monday, whilst I joined in music time. Other days I feel too tired to go and really want to sleep (it’s tough having Kindi in the afternoon). On Thursday I really didn’t feel up to being with lots of children so we went to the library for some reading and afterwards did some mathematics in the playground – where there is a giant abacus. I like to count, add up and am learning subtraction too (what an amazing word that is!).