Easy Tiger, Easter Sunday

Brunch at the Southern Cross on Easter Sunday turned out to be a little more than we expected when Dan got his face painted like a tiger!

The day started off fairly standard, with an Easter Egg hunt in the garden (not too much chocolate) and some non-edible Easter gifts of the cuddly and educational variety. But the visit to the Southern Cross was made very entertaining when Charlotte turned down the opportunity to have her face painted, choosing to watch Daddy be the good sport (which made for some very interesting looks on the journey home!).

As always we all love having extra time to spend together and the long weekend was blessed with sunshine. We kicked off with drinks at ‘The Brewery‘ with dear friends Ian, Violet and family (who have sadly departed New Zealand’s shores for a new life in Australia).

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying Wellington’s dramatic beaches, consuming chocolate (one of Sophie’s high frequency words – along with shoes and ‘more’!).