Charli’s fully-clothed accidental dive into the bath!

Sophie and I were enjoying a relaxing bath, when along comes Charlotte, fully-clothed and leans over to scoop some bubbles off the surface of the water. After a few scoops (her mission seemed to be cleaning the bathroom cabinet) she leaned a little too far over…
the next moment she went, head first, under the water!

I grabbed at her body (not sure what part!) and she emerged, fully-clothed, with a very stunned expression at the foot of the bath. Her eyes were as big as saucers. Unfortunately she banged her head on the tap as she came up for air, otherwise she’d probably have laughed. I had to do everything in my power to fight off hysterics. She wasn’t best pleased as she clambered quickly out of the bath and struggled to escape from her wet clothes, but she bravely put aside any tears and managed a little smirk of annoyance.

It was one of ‘those moments’ you wish you could have captured on film! It reminded me of the time my Dad was jokingly swinging my sister out over The Thames and to her great astonishment he actually dropped her in! It was a very hot day, but she had to spend the rest of it looking like a drowned rat. The size of her eyes as she came up for air were like golf balls.