Thick with Cold

We’re all coughing and spluttering here. Poor little Sophie has been hit worse and is desperate for sleep, but keeps waking up with a streaming nose and hacking cough. I took her to the doctors on Thursday, mentioning we were flying to the UK a week on Monday, but the doctor wasn’t very sympathetic, ‘There’s no guarantee it will clear up before you fly, fortunately her ears are clear, no need for antibiotics, you’ll just have to let it’s run its course.’. Finger’s crossed for everyone sharing our flight the nasty bugs have gone!

I’ve been missing my evening blogging, what with playing nurse maid every half hour or so, and as I type I can hear more coughing on the baby monitor. Despite Sophie’s awful cold she is managing to put on a reasonably brave face and learning a few cold associated words such as, ‘Cold, nose, breath, eyes, cough’…. oops – I’m being summoned upstairs again!

She put on a brave face yesterday at a gorgeous Birthday Party for one of Charlotte’s Kindi friends. It was a really touching, traditional Birthday celebration with all the classic games.

I love home celebrations and Dan took the girls out to ‘Little Monkeys‘ for the afternoon to give me a chance to prepare for Charlotte’s Party tomorrow. I have to say I’m struggling to pull things together when I’m feeling so bunged up with cold, but we’ll get there.

The girls enjoying a friend’s Birthday party (poor Sophie crashed within a second of being put in her carseat after the party!):

And have I made a cake for tomorrow’s party? Sorry, but I’ve wimped out again this year! My excuse: Not wanting to infect anyone with this darn cold (I would have needed to tog myself up with mask and plastic gloves like a surgeon to ensure no cross infection!).