Sophie Loves Animals

Sophie delights in feeding our cats Simba and Blacky. Of late she’s taken to stroking them and giving Simba teddy bears. Simba loves to maul one of our bigger bears and makes a terrible mess on the carpet, to which Sophie says, ‘Mummy, clean! Cat! Bear!’.

We also have two wild rabbits around our neighbourhood. They are purported to belong to someone, but the owner obviously has no concern about the rabbit’s welfare. It’s amazing they haven’t been run over. They certainly don’t seem to be wanting for food and look in good health. As long as they don’t venture into our vegetable patch we are more than happy to enjoy their friendly presence. Simba and Blacky seem content to keep their distance and there is a very friendly black-bird which follows the rabbits around! It’s all like a scene out of Beatrix Potter! We even have a couple of hedgehogs that frequent our back door of an evening.

Sophie delights in the rabbits and waves at them. She tries to get close enough to stroke them and is quite put out when they hop away.