Look Who’s 17 Month’s Old!

Sophie Jade is 17-month’s old and absolutely delicious!

Sophie is 17-month’s going on two and adding new words to her vocabulary faster than we can keep up! Of course no one other than immediate family can really understand half her chatter, but it’s very cute nonetheless. Having an older sister around has helped Sophie to capture a few useful words very quickly, such as ‘mine’ and ‘I do’.

She is an all-action girl and frequently sporting a ‘war-wound’ from her eagerness to keep up with the fast pace set by big sister Charli! Sophie is now jumping, running and walking with alternate feet up and down stairs.

It’s going to be an interesting travel experience to the UK come July!

She certainly wins the prize for the cutest passport photos:

She’s showing the same determined, independent streak of her big sister (which is great, but also challenging to manage from a parent’s perspective!).

She loves to walk (or run!) everywhere and has totally impressed us with some long walks. Occasionally she gets totally engrossed with a piece of driftwood (aka sea-saw) or some pebbles to ‘baadoom’ in the sea and it takes some creative management to actually get home before dark.

She’s into absolutely EVERYTHING!

Here she is at home ‘helping’ to make chocolate brownies and at Daddy’s office: