Inspirational Living

Ten years ago, when we first arrived in New Zealand, we’d take our lunch (frequently a Big Mac, I’m embarrassed to say), and watch in awe at the number of fitness fanatics along Wellington’s stunning waterfront. We’d say to each other, ‘Tomorrow,’ and make excuses. Eventually the clean-living spirit caught us in its force and we now feel continually inspired to better ourselves. New Zealand has some of the freshest, organic produce and ample land to grow your own. The stunning scenery challenges the most devout of couch potatoes to stretch out.

We are finally in a position to have a decent section to experiment with our own home-grown herbs and vegetables. We live in walking distance of the stunning South Coast of Wellington and since returning from our recent UK visit I’ve been running three-times a week. The weather is warming up with a ready acceptance of the clocks going forward (30 September). This evening is so calm and beautiful. Families gathered on the beaches from Lyall Bay to Island Bay to enjoy the pink sunset lingering over the South Island. I ran with a crazy smile on my face wanting to literally shout out ‘THANK YOU’ to the Universe.

Before we became parents we’d often embrace Wellington’s scenery to better ourselves with kayaking on the harbour and walking in the hills. All our annual leave would be tagged onto long weekends so we could go tramping some of the ‘Great Walks’. With two pre-schoolers it isn’t always as easy to stay motivated, but when we get out and take the time for ourselves everyone benefits. We’re happier, healthier parents and our children are inspired to follow suit.

We just wish our family were all with us to share in the fun! We miss them so much and after all these years it doesn’t get any easier. Seeing our children with their family in England was beautiful and very emotional.

Anyway, back to positive thoughts and planting sunflower seeds.