It’s been three, long years since I’ve seen my sister. Our reunion this year has brought us so much closer and both of us are at a more spiritual place in our lives. That being so, darling hubbie packed us into town at 2.30pm this afternoon for a much overdue catch up.

This was after having picked her up from the airport at 10.00am (much to huge excitement from Charlotte and Sophie) and building a sand cockpit at Lyall Bay beach).

A few vinos at Dockside and we were on a roll. A text message from Dan at 5.30pm to say the girls were fine, ‘Enjoy!!!’ (triple explanation marks were a right of passage to do just that!) we did just that.

After making our way down Courtenay Place, stopping at Irish bay Molly Malones for a quick drink, we ended up at The Matterhorn, where the food, atmosphere and service are all heavenly! We rolled in at 9.30pm (not late for most, but we’re light weights!) and had already had our fair share to drink and sorted out the Universe (for a millisecond). Now off to bed, after consuming much water and cups of tea!

It’s wonderful to have my dear sis (aka Aunty Claire) to stay. Here’s hoping it’s not another three years before we catch up again, it’s been way too long and we’ve had so much fun! xx