Croc Bikes: Wellington

Crocodile Bikes rock! We’ve been waiting for ages for a break in the weather to take the girls on a Croc bike ride and, needless to say, they LOVED it!

The Enormous Crocodile Company
runs out of a shed near the Overseas Terminal. We arrived early on Saturday morning all revved up for some fun, unfortunately we were too early and the Crocs were still sleeping in their shed. The Waitangi Park playground, across the road, filled time whilst we waited for the Crocs to wake up. After a quick play and a coffee for the grown-ups we noticed the Crocs emerging from their slumber and the girls ran over with excited shouts.

We cycled down to Frank Kitts Park for an ice-cream stop, before cycling back through Waitangi Park and along Oriental Parade. We were really tempted to take the bike for a spin on the skateboard ramps, but naturally thought better of it with the children in the front seats (what terribly responsible parents!).

We loved dodging in and out of passers-by and ringing the bell wildly. Tourist season must be getting close as a bunch of Japanese tourists ambushed us and insisted on taking several photographs of themselves with our girls (we should charge a dollar a shot, we’d make a fortune!).

Sophie was perturbed that I wasn’t actually holding onto the steering wheel – but mine was just for show as Dan had the real deal and was doing all the steering. Nevertheless, she kept turning round and insisting I hold onto the steering wheel.

Definitely recommend the Croc Bikes for a crazy way to while away an hour – and it didn’t even feel like exercise (though Dan would probably tell you a different story as I kept ‘forgetting’ to pedal!).