Chatty Sophie

Sophie is nearly 27 month’s old and is such a little chatter box. Her full sentences, with clever use of pronouns, adjectives and even past and future tense are incredible. She often describes things with such accuracy, such as ‘Freezing cold ice,’ and ‘Burning hot water’. This morning she woke up saying, ‘Gentle with baaboo, very delicate,’ referring to her Mummy’s milk machines! And this evening, in reference to getting down from the breakfast bar stool, she said, ‘Excuse me, Mummy, last time I got down by myself, not with the little chair, remember?’ – I really had to stop in my tracks with amazement.

She often looks at us with her beautiful deep, brown eyes, and says things with such incredible meaning and in a penetrating manner that really makes you feel like sinking into her beautiful little soul. She often says, ‘Guess what? I really love you Mummy/Daddy/Charlotte!’.

She also talks in detail of the day’s events to her Daddy in the evening, saying, ‘This morning we went ‘M,M’ (museum) and then got wet at Splash Pool.’. She loves talking to other adults and children and is so happy and confident. She really is a little ray of sunshine and smiles. She adores her big sister, but takes great delight in winding her up too! She’s a really, cheeky, little minx at times!

She also loves to hang out at Kindi for a little while when we drop Charlotte off, or pick her up. She always gives her sister a big kiss and cuddle. She loves to do paintings and play in the sand-pit. She’s also an incredibly good climber – often making any adult watching gasp with awe and a little concern! She rides on a scooter and a trike. She jumps, kicks a ball and walks easily up and down stairs, without needing to hold on to the wall or a rail. Well done Sophie!

She’s also learning letters really well and often sees the letter ‘S’ and says, ‘Look, Mummy, my letter!’ pointing with excitement. She tries to count too, and does really well up to 4, but then skips a few and says, ’14, 15, 16′! When we say ‘5’ after ‘4’ she then proceeds to count accurately up to 20 – but always needs reminding of the ‘5’ – it’s so cute.

Her midday nap is a rare event now and she has so much energy; effortlessly managing a 12-hour day with awe-inspiring enthusiasm.