Lyrical Sunday: Week 1 – Christmas

CHRISTMAS Kiwiana Style

by Sarah

Carols in the sun,

Hammocks in the garden strung.

Relies gather round,

In Aroha they are bound.

Seasons come and go,

Though stories linger so.

Mary and Joseph loved God’s greatest gift,

And so we give though times have shift.

Sand not snow, us Kiwis know,

but same the world over,

we hope and pray for a better way.


Christmas Fun

By Charlotte (age 7 and a half)

The Angel’s sing and dance all day,

The reindeer prance and pull the sleigh.

The elves with a cheeky grin,

Filled up Santa’s cookie tin.

For Jesus Christ we sing and pray,

Before my sleepy head I lay.


Snow and Angels

By Sophie (age 5 on Boxing Day!)

Little Jesus doesn’t cry when he goes to sleep,

Jesus and Mary fall in love,

But they did not know that their baby was God’s son until the angles told them so.

God’s son was born to teach people right from wrong.


Now it’s your turn! This is the first week of Lyrical Sunday and this week the theme is Christmas. If you’d like to participate then link up below with your blog post. The linky will remain open for one week.

Charlotte and I will post up a new theme tomorrow for next week’s Lyrical Sunday (which falls on 2 January 2011!).

Lyrical Sunday

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