Social Butterfly

It’s a sad state of affairs when your daughter gets more invitations to social engagements than you do! This past fortnight Charlotte’s attended two five-year old’s Birthday parties and at the local playground has had friends running up to her that we don’t even know! She’s really becoming an independent person in her own right and it’s really heart-warming to see.

Sophie has mixed feelings on Charlotte’s increasing social status and independence. She’s a little envious of all the parties, but is very pleased to arrive at pick-up time in the hope of getting some cake. She is now aware of the fact she will turn two on Boxing Day and is already asking for cake and more cake, with tons of chocolate. She says, ‘Me, three, Kindi, Char, Char, five, school,’ (in translation – she knows she’ll go to Kindi when she’s three and Charlotte will start school when she’s five).

So, this is just the beginning of our social lives revolving round our children’s engagements… I’m not sure we completely envisioned this the day the sperm met the egg (twice over)! But of course, we love it!