Sophie: The Wellington Cafe Critic!

Sophie reports:

At close to two year’s of age I am already becoming a Wellington Cafe Critic; though my criteria for a good cafe are somewhat different to those of my dear Mummy. Living in Houghton Bay, I am lucky to have a number of top Wellington cafe’s within toddling distance. On occasion, Mummy drives me into town too; where there is also an excellent selection of cafes for us young nippers who enjoy a little action with our flufflies!

Criteria for a child friendly cafe as follows:-

    Toys. There’s a great selection at the new ‘Mint Cafe‘ next to The Warehouse, Lyall Bay, and yummy ice-cream too! Eva Dixon’s at The Zoo also has great toys, as well as meerkat and fish for extra entertainment. In town, a few of my favourite include: Clark’s Cafe (at the central library); Caffe L’affare; The Brooklyn Bakery; and Te Papa (with giant sized rubber-lego).
    Camel to climb on (I happen to know of only one Wellington cafe that owns one of these and it takes old 50 cents: The Maranui);
    Fish (The Chocolate Frog Cafe at Palmer’s Garden Centre has a lovely table surrounded by a fish pond);
    Friendly staff who understand our needs (demands!);
    Fluffies – not too hot, not too cold (story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears sums it up perfectly), with chocolate, marshmallows and 100’s and 1000’s;
    Fluffy with accessories even better; including spoon, straw, stirring stick and removable lid with hole as an additional drinking method.

And my all-time favourite for Sunday brunch has to be – The Southern Cross (see this previous post for some great photos of Charlotte having her face-painted!) – with face painting, arts and crafts, movies and a huge outdoor area to run around in (and good helpings of bacon and yummy ‘fruit kebabs’).