Beach Fun with Daddy

This Labour Weekend the girls delighted in having an extra day with their Daddy (whilst in Wanaka the annual Speights ‘Find the Perfect Woman Competition‘ was held). The weather was beautiful and Sunday morning was spent at Lyall Bay Beach with Daddy creating a sand airplane for the girls. Whilst Sophie and I took a rest from flying, to refuel (with flufflies and coffees), Dan and Charlotte rocketed to space, where they collected various moon rocks.

It’s always a surprise to walk on the beach and find the remains of someone else’s creation. I’ve never seen an airplane, complete with cockpit and seats for a pilot and co-pilot before, but I’ve seen some beautiful sand sculptures of ‘Taniwha‘, classic sand castles and, my personal favourite, a driftwood wig-wam. What’s the most amazing creations (or strangest thing) you’ve ever seen at the beach?

In the evening we rolled out the BBQ and delighted in sitting together outside. We really felt like we were on holiday and thankfully the good weather lasted Monday and Tuesday night so we could continue to dine al fresco.