Clean your teeth, not your bottom Sophie!

Sophie was prancing around prior to bath-time with her toothbrush between her legs – this is the conversation that followed:

Mum: “Sophie, clean your teeth with your toothbrush, not your bottom!”

Sophie: “Fanny! Tee, hee, hee!”

Mum (with half worried, half amused face): “Sophie, what was that you said?”

Sophie: “Fanny! Tee, hee!”

Mum: “Who told you that word?!”

Sophie (laughing at me): “Daddy!”

Mum now goes upstairs to the bathroom with Sophie, where Dad and Charlotte are (by this time Sophie’s toothbrush is where it should be!).

Mum to Dad: “Have you ever used the word ‘fanny’ in front of Sophie?”

Dad (laughs): “No!”

Then it clicks – Not ‘Fanny’, but ‘Funny’! Oops!

Austin Powers would have approved…

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