Adventures in the Southern Headlands Reserve

We took the girls on an adventure today, to the Southern Headlands Reserve, Houghton Bay, Wellington. A short ten-minute walk from our home we enjoy the most stunning views of the Southern Coast.

Charlotte loved walking through the long grasses and trees, towering over her head. She was a real little explorer and busy looking for fairies along the way!

Sophie delighted in riding high in the back-pack; but she was also keen to get out and walk – when the track was clear and flat enough! The track was extremely over-grown and very steep in parts.

Each time we visit the Southern Headlands Reserve we try to find a footpath down to Houghton Bay, but end up having to backtrack on ourselves. The vegetation is extremely dense, which must put a lot of people off as we didn’t see another soul! We really felt as though we were, ‘On top of the World, Looking down on Creation…’ as the song goes…

Dan and I felt extremely energized by the exercise, fresh air, sweeping views and sense of adventure. We did so much walking before becoming parents and it’s really wonderful to start introducing them to our love of the outdoors at such a young age. We know ourselves the attraction of ‘the screen’ – be it computer, television, i-pods, mobile telephones or Play Station; but also understand the need to ground ourselves in nature. It is unavoidable that our own daughters are drawn to technology and, to a real extent, they have to be in this new millennium; but without being grounded to nature we fear they will be lost souls looking to materialism to fill their emptiness and as parents this is something we will always strive to steer them clear of.