Sophie’s 2nd Birthday: Boxing Day 2007!

Sophie was SO excited that she was finally turning two!

She had been waiting for weeks to eat cake and blow out candles. After unwrapping her pressies (in record time!) she kept asking, ‘Sausie rolls ready now?’ – she LOVES sausage rolls and was very keen to have them for her Birthday! The children enjoyed a little party lunch and some party games – the highlight of which was definitely running through newspaper… check out the video clip below!

We enjoyed the lovely company of four great families and their children. We were so touched they could make it at this busy time of year and Sophie was blown away by the appearance of our dear neighbour’s son – Joshua! He was supposed to be away, but came back to surprise Sophie – and he was definitely the best present of all! He was a great help at the party.

Everyone arrived around midday and stayed through to mid-afternoon (the adults enjoying a few beers!). We had a really special time and Sophie is now definitely ‘two’! Let’s hope it’s the ‘terrific twos’! She’s a chatty lass, singing nursery rhymes, has an amazing memory, knows all her colours and is counting too. One of her cutest phrases at the moment is:

‘One day, I do sing and be ballet dancer. Charlotte be vet.’

Her favourite songs are currently, ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘Daddy’s taking us to the Zoo tomorrow’.

And she’s already dropped her midday nap! If we’re lucky she’ll take a nap two day’s a week; but then she’s usually late to bed! She’s close to being toilet ‘trained’ and is really taking the initiative. She’s a smart cookie and we’ll have our hands full and very busy in 2008! Wish us luck!