Meetings of purpose

I’ve not been so well these past few days and my dearest neighbour knocked on my door this afternoon and offered to take Charlotte out for the afternoon. She was my angel today.

But I like to think I lifted someone’s spirit today too. In Te Papa (the museum) this morning I met a lovely lady, originally from the UK, who had been living in Canberra, Australia, for the past twelve years. She’d moved to Wellington on Friday with her husband, as well as her two and a half year old son and six week old daughter (all credit to her!).

Whilst I filled her in on the best places to go with young children and where to live I also felt her need to keep her son entertained, whilst she was busy nursing her newborn, so Sophie and I engaged in a lively chat with her animated and linguistically advanced son (who was an absolute delight, but an energy tab too – much akin to my own children!).

I left when the timing was right, but we both knew we’d made a connection. Sometimes I exchange phone numbers when I make an impromptu connection such as this; but on this occasion I didn’t – though, as I’ve experienced before – if we’re meant to continue our relationship further – we will meet again – Wellington (if not the world) is very small and I’ve felt the Universe often throwing me back into contact with people I’m meant to journey with a little further on life’s path.

On a tangent… we met in the ‘nursing room’. I’ve used these rooms a lot when my daughters where young to nursing and easily distracted. I then get to a stage in my nursing ‘phase’ when it’s easy to nurse in public. Sophie is now two and a bit and I find it a little embarrassing to feed her in public – especially as she likes to grope my free nipple! So… I now seek a more private place to nurse her when we’re in public!

So.. back to the point… I wonder what meeting of purpose the Universe will throw at me next!

[Note to self: Must phone another lovely Brit I met in the library a few week’s back that was fresh off the plane with a newborn and 2-year old and keen to get acquainted – we did swap numbers – she’s left me a voicemail – she’s called Sophie and her son’s called Charli – there’s too much name synergy to ignore the need to connect!]