There’s a man that plays the piano…

he lives behind the trees of our property and I don’t know which house, but if he ever moved I’d be devastated! He doesn’t know the impact he has on the surrounding houses; but his life IS music and his life positively infects me. He’s been playing the piano for around six hour’s straight today. Every time I step outside I hear him playing concert level piano. The girls race around the house on their bikes and as I’m following to make sure they don’t fall off – or go hell for leather down our steep drive-way (Sophie, at age 27 month’s has recently learned to ride a 2-wheeler – with stabilizers – FAST!) – I’m transported to another world – where music is its whole existence.

From classical to modern, from folk to pop, he plays like a pro – which he must be. I’ve just stepped outside, after getting the girls to bed, to sip my red wine and listen to him playing old-time music with a female singer. The laughter is bouncing off the hills and the music fills every molecule with sheer joy. Music has such a way of transporting the mind to another level. All the clutter of the now and daily life is forgotten when listening to live music. This man plays with such skill and passion that it is easy to imagine how he feels when he plays. His fingers touch the keys with such well-practiced precision that his brain must be in ecstasy.

Long may he play and inspire all around him! [Note to self: MUST find out which house and drop a note in mail-box to thank him!]