Happy Wedding Anniversary to Us!

The memories of nine year’s ago are still as strong as ever.

It was a magic day, greeted by sunshine. A little rainfall came just as we were about to retreat inside for dinner at the idyllic New Mill. It was one of those humid, summer days when the feeling of a storm was heavy in the air. And then, as the speeches began, so too did the thunder and lightening (our dear loved ones up above making their voices heard!). Storms have always filled me with wonder and excitement. At one point we flung open the doors next to our table and ran outside for a kiss in the rain.

By the time the speeches had finished, and everyone was suitably stuffed on cake, the storm had cleared and left behind it a low fog and a warm summer’s evening. The evening was free for dancing and romancing. The spit roast was cooked outside and people found their appetites still wanting after all the dancing. Meanwhile, Dan and I enjoyed running in and out of the puddles. It wasn’t till we arrived at our wedding night accommodation and stepped into the foyer that we discovered the black mud trailing on my dress! As we checked in a lovely, elderly couple came down the staircase behind us and looked at us with adoring, humour filled eyes – but it was the back of my dress that had caught their attention!

We stayed at the stunning Tynley Hall – a surprise gift from my parents. They’d told the driver of the beautiful classic car that collected us from our reception to drive the long way round! He took us down some quintessential English country lanes. The low fog created a mood of suspense and the driver’s ‘Scooby Doo’ like beard and moustache added to the intrigue; he must have been in amateur dramatics as he played along well with comments of, ‘I’m sure the camp-site is around here somewhere!’. When we arrived we were blown away and so delighted my parents had insisted we leave the reception at 10pm. We finished off our wedding day with the most perfect evening (but those details are for us alone!). We woke the next morning to a beautiful breakfast and a lovely walk in the gardens.

We were due to fly to Vancouver later in the day, but before heading off we were invited round to my folks house – where we were greeted by most of the family gathered together to continue the celebrations (they know how to party!)! We were showered in confetti once again before friends drove us to the airport!

We were treated to an upgrade on our flight – after Dan mentioned we were newlyweds! We enjoyed getting merry on champagne and reliving the most incredible memories of a magical day.

We’ll never forget the power of love we felt from all our dear friends and family when we said our wedding vows and walked up the aisle to the magnificent Vidor’s Toccata.

Thank you dear family for giving us the most incredible wedding day and for all your love and support.