YouDo Party calls for long overdue night out for Cinderella!

A little over a month ago Dan’s business YouDo finally moved into their own premises and last night they threw a party for their customers, colleagues and friends. With Charli’s talk of Cinderella recently I realised I was beginning to feel just like the real Cinders. If I didn’t take action and brush the cobwebs off my high-heels then I’d be in danger of living out my days cleaning up spilled drinks and pee! With our good friend Lucy practically pushing me out the door (after months of urging me to go out with Dan for a night) I stepped into the taxi feeling like a 16-year old.

Earlier in the afternoon I’d been into the office to help set-up for the party (with my two little helpers in tow!) and as I walked up the stairs to the office I felt myself shaking with excitement. I really haven’t been out much in the past couple of years and it felt absolutely incredible to be free and simply ‘me’!

I knew only a handful of people – the core crowd – but it seemed there were plenty of other people asking, ‘Who’s that?’. Dan introduced me to one chap who had seen me earlier in the evening and asked Dan, ‘Who’s that fit chick over there?’ – (not knowing I was Dan’s wife!) – what a hoot! There were so many great people and a few faces I hadn’t seen in years. It was so liberating to talk with adults for a change without the distraction of my little darlings. I felt a whole part of me was unlocked and let loose. The atmosphere was electric (and you can tell by my over use of adjectives that I really needed this night out!).

Waiting for the guests to arrive… and then (sigh of relief) they arrive:

Anyway, the drinks flowed (not that I needed much to put me in the mood) and it wasn’t long before I was singing and dancing the night away…

I can’t thank my friend Lucy enough – I’m so glad she’s living back in Wellington (and for a hundred more reasons than being an awesome baby-sitter!). Little Sophie woke with a cough around 11pm and Lucy went up to offer her some water. Sophie was so good. Lucy explained that Mummy was out, but she would send Mummy a message. She offered to lie with Sophie and try to help her get back to sleep, but Sophie said, ‘No, it’s okay,’ and went back to sleep hugging her blue bear. Soon after I got home (I jumped in a cab at lightening speed when I received Lucy’s message!) Sophie awoke and she was amazing. She said, ‘Mummy, I woke up but Lulu looked after me and sent you a message on the telephone.’ I’ll be so much more relaxed about going out in future. Lucy really is the best Aunty a friend could wish to have for their children and like a sister to Dan and I.