Little Kiwi making wise choices

This little Kiwi has been spending time at Te Papa’s Nature Discovery Centre learning how to make some wise choices on her packed lunch…

Doing well…

She followed up by showing disgrace at the over-packaging of boxed lunches in Te Papa’s cafeteria, commenting to one of the staff, ‘That’s not good for the environment!’.

When we do the food shop at the supermarket she is also learning to make wise choices with regard the environment and is also getting food wise, asking me numerous questions as to the content of her food:

‘Is this good for me?’
‘Does this have sugar?’
‘Why is this good for me? What does it have in it?’
‘What’s the best thing to drink?’

She still enjoys her ice-blocks – but is now choosing water over juice and wants to know the sugar content on everything. I have to say many of the items we purchase – such as ‘children’s yoghurts’ probably have way too much sugar in them and I really must make a more concerted effort to read the details and make healthier choices for us all.

Charli’s packed lunch is now done without any packaging and she even brings home banana and mandarin skins for the compost! Little steps, more each day, slowly making a difference, before it’s too late!