An Olympian in the making?!

The girls have been very excited about the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Charli’s school are incorporating the games into their classes over the next two-week’s and she came home very excited yesterday. We got on-line and found tons of great print-offs and ideas; from learning the history of the games to modern day events. We’ve been making medals and colouring in the Olympic Flag. We talked about the five interlocking rings and how they represent the continents of Africa, Australia, Europe, The Americas and Asia. We found a map to colour in each continent. I explained the white background is to resemble peace – but Charli said, ‘White’s boring, it would look much better in purple.’

We got out the Atlas when Charli described the flag of China and talked about flags from around the world. What a wonderful way to bring geography to life!

The girls have been asking to watch the Olympics and are in awe at the incredible athleticism and daring of the Olympians. They’ve also been creating their own Olympic challenges involving skipping ropes and hoola-hoops! I’ve never had so much fun enjoying the games!

I told the girls that the next Olympics will be held in 2012 in the United Kingdom – they were extremely excited at the thought of the games being held in the same country as their Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins and really hope we can be there to celebrate in some way. They were amazed to think how old they’ll be in four year’s time (and I was less amazed and excited at how old Dan and I will be!).